Pointe shoe is a kind of a shoe which is worn by those dancers who are involved in ballet and Pointe work. These shoes are worn so that the dancers appear more weightless and can comfortably perform moves of ballet. These types of shoes are mostly worn by females and come in various colors, sizes and quality. If you are interested in buying a pair of Pointe shoes and are confused about how to go for it, then the following information will prove to be very useful for you:

The first step towards buying a pair of Pointe shoes is to take the permission of your dance teacher. This is important because Pointe shoes must only be bought if you are ready to take on to the dangers which are associated with this dance form and only your teacher can assess you on that. Many local dance shops sell these kinds of shoes and to buy a pair, you may need to contact them to ask whether they sell these kinds of shoes or not. If the local dance shops sell Pointe shoes, then you can take their address and visit them to choose a pair which fits you perfectly and is also of the color and style of your choice.

You must buy a pair of Pointe shoes from a local dance shop if this is your first purchase, but in case you have previously bought a pair then you can also shop online. While trying on the shoes, you must wear properly fitting ballet thighs because this will help you to see whether the shoes fit your perfectly or not.

One thing to keep in mind while buying Pointe shoes is that you must select the right pad for the shoes. Ask the seller or the salesperson to help you with that and select only those pads which properly support your feet and are cushioned enough.

Do not hesitate in trying on as many pairs of these shoes as you like because Pointe shoes are usually expensive and making a wrong choice might cost you dearly. You should even try out a few ballet moves in each of the shoes to check whether or not you are comfortable in them for a long period of time. Try to negotiate the price of these shoes confidently and without hesitation.