Pistol crossbows provide a smaller, more comfortable hunting experience for beginner hunters and those that prefer compact hunting weapons. The following article will provide a rundown of two pistol crossbows available on the market, one cheap and one expensive, and outline what the benefits and downsides of these products are. One of these options is the NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot, which is a $40 pistol crossbow that features a 90 pound draw weight, a rear cocking system and a light and compact design. The best part about this crossbow is both the light crossbow weight and light draw weight.

This makes it an ideal choice for younger crossbows shooters that are just learning the ropes or those that prefer an easier, more casual crossbow hunting experience. Another great thing about this crossbow is the red dot scope, which is very accurate and can withstand both windy and elevated conditions. However, biggest downside of this unit is that the draw weight is closer to 35 pounds, despite it being advertised as 90. Although this still makes it a good choice for younger or casual crossbow hunters, this greatly diminishes its power, with an average arrow speed of about 150 fps. Another downside that also decreases the power of this crossbow is the cable, which drags very heavily along the rail when firing. Ultimately, this is a fairly cheap crossbow that is best suited for first-timers and younger hunters. However, the red dot scope is very good quality and worth the price of the crossbow alone. Just don’t expect a professional, high-quality device. Benefits of Pistol Crossbows Lighter unit and draw weight Compact design Ideal for close-quarters hunting environments Another option is the M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol, which is a pistol crossbow that features Carbon Riser Technology, crosswire strings and an Anti-Dry Fire metal injection molding trigger. This pistol crossbow is one of the lightest Barnett crossbows available, providing quiet, accurate shots for hunters that prefer a smoother, more compact crossbow. Additionally, the Carbon Riser Technology moves the center of gravity to the end of the stock, which leads to increased comfort and makes the unit easier to carry. Furthermore, the AVI technology on the limbs not only decreases the noise of this crossbow but increases its speed, allowing for an arrow speed of 400 feet per second.

The only downside to this product is the strings, which have a tendency to snap more than other crossbows on the market. However, the likelihood of this happening can be reduced by properly caring for your strings. Take a look at our Crossbow Hunting Safety Tips article for more information. At the end of the day, the suitability of pistol crossbows for your hunting experiences will depend mainly on your experience level and hunting environment.