Hippie headbands and how to wear them

Headbands are an integral component of the hippie culture and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. Wearing a headband makes you look and feel 10 times cooler. They can instantly uplift your look and save you from a bad hair day. Check on the tips given below on how to choose and wear different types of headbands.

  1. Width of the headband

Single thick headbands create a strong statement. You can play around with the colors and the prints for a flirty flower child effect. Scarves with floral prints and paisley prints also make great substitutes for headbands. A thin headband with a flower crown or embellishments, on the other hand, gives off a very fun and flirty vibe.

  1. Placement

Wearing a headband is not enough, the important thing is how you wear it. Wearing itacross your forehead would be the best way to recreate the hippie style. However, if you are looking for a more practical style, you can keep it subtle by moving it a few inches back. This placement will put the headband directly on your hairline and keep your overall style from looking too over the top while at the same time rendering a free element to your ensemble.

  1. Simple/embellished headbands

Choose one depending on what you are wearing. It is important to note that a headband should make the overall ensemble come to life, so it is important that it blends in with the look.

  1. Hair

The choice of headbands does not make any difference as long as the hair texture is concerned. You can rock a hippie headband irrespective of whether you have straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin hair.

  1. Fit

Avoid wearing headbands that are too tight. Although this keeps the headband from slipping down, wearing it for a prolonged period of time could cause itchiness and also headaches. You can loosen the elastic a bit by stretching them over when you are not using them.

  1. Tying Headbands

Instead of the elastic headbands, you can go for the one that ties. This will release a lot of stress on the scalp and also look more natural. The tying headbands could come as single braided strings, printed ribbons or even scarves. If the length of the headband is long enough, you can also have them replaced for belts.

  1. Wear them during fun outings

Wearing a headband every day might not be practical and also not possible. However, you can wear them on during picnics, beaches, pools or festivals. This will add a vibrant energy to your overall look. Wearing oversized sunglasses will take the look to another level.

  1. Go for Florals

If you are looking to wear a cool hippie look, it would be good to have a collection of different types of headbands that you can play around with. Make it a point to include some florals as well. These are great in adding an impact in all sorts of outfits.

  1. Wearing with a bun

Roughly pull back your hair to form a bun. You can then place a headband over the bun to create a soft and laid back effect.

  1. Double braids

Double braid is actually a fun thing to do with headbands. You are required to take two headbands and wear them together. If they complement each other well, you will get a super eccentric look.

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Crossbow Hunting

Pistol crossbows provide a smaller, more comfortable hunting experience for beginner hunters and those that prefer compact hunting weapons. The following article will provide a rundown of two pistol crossbows available on the market, one cheap and one expensive, and outline what the benefits and downsides of these products are. One of these options is the NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot, which is a $40 pistol crossbow that features a 90 pound draw weight, a rear cocking system and a light and compact design. The best part about this crossbow is both the light crossbow weight and light draw weight.

This makes it an ideal choice for younger crossbows shooters that are just learning the ropes or those that prefer an easier, more casual crossbow hunting experience. Another great thing about this crossbow is the red dot scope, which is very accurate and can withstand both windy and elevated conditions. However, biggest downside of this unit is that the draw weight is closer to 35 pounds, despite it being advertised as 90. Although this still makes it a good choice for younger or casual crossbow hunters, this greatly diminishes its power, with an average arrow speed of about 150 fps. Another downside that also decreases the power of this crossbow is the cable, which drags very heavily along the rail when firing. Ultimately, this is a fairly cheap crossbow that is best suited for first-timers and younger hunters. However, the red dot scope is very good quality and worth the price of the crossbow alone. Just don’t expect a professional, high-quality device. Benefits of Pistol Crossbows Lighter unit and draw weight Compact design Ideal for close-quarters hunting environments Another option is the M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol, which is a pistol crossbow that features Carbon Riser Technology, crosswire strings and an Anti-Dry Fire metal injection molding trigger. This pistol crossbow is one of the lightest Barnett crossbows available, providing quiet, accurate shots for hunters that prefer a smoother, more compact crossbow. Additionally, the Carbon Riser Technology moves the center of gravity to the end of the stock, which leads to increased comfort and makes the unit easier to carry. Furthermore, the AVI technology on the limbs not only decreases the noise of this crossbow but increases its speed, allowing for an arrow speed of 400 feet per second.

The only downside to this product is the strings, which have a tendency to snap more than other crossbows on the market. However, the likelihood of this happening can be reduced by properly caring for your strings. Take a look at our Crossbow Hunting Safety Tips article for more information. At the end of the day, the suitability of pistol crossbows for your hunting experiences will depend mainly on your experience level and hunting environment.

Carbonara Spaghetti as Fast-food. Electric Pasta Maker Reviews

The recipe for carbonara spaghetti one of the simplest of Italian cooking to prepare. Poor origins, was introduced in cookbooks a few years and has undergone many changes.

This dish is very popular for its simplicity and the ingredients that make up, spaghetti (of course, food rich in fiber), or jowl bacon, parmesan cheese (one of the most nutritious dairy products and complete), pepper and eggs. Being very fast to prepare is a cross between the slow food and fast food but that is different because it has a complete mix of nutrients.

The egg in particular is a real natural energy, combined with its proteins is very low in fat are a fundamental building block for a good and proper nutrition alone can replace a lot more fatty foods with lower nutritional values.

Here I added a recipe for “fast-food” to prepare carbonara spaghetti in a short time with all the ingredients.

A simple enough dish, provided you have the right ingredients and to meet a few basic rules, but in its realization.

The egg: first. Must not cook. Totally wrong, in this case, the revision of the dough in a pan on the fire. It takes just the heat of the pasta and the pillow at most, to give you a creamier, you can – as suggested below – to harness the steam that boils water quickly, or review them in the pan is still warm but A flame extinguished.
Then, the dough: the maximum would be without using a colander, drain well, so keep it soaked a bit ‘of the cooking water.

The pillow should not become too crunchy. At least, not too soon. The fire must be pretty sweet to just heat it slowly, helping it to blend as much as possible.
Finally, the pepper: abundant, as if it rains. Not by chance, it is the black of this spice to bring the dirt of coal which gives its name to this dish.

INGREDIENTS for Carbonara spaghetti

  • 1 / 2 kg of spaghetti
  • 1.5 hg pillow rind from the cleaned
  • little extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 whole eggs and two yolks
  • Pecorino Romano
  • plenty of freshly ground black pepper.


  1. Cut the lard diced into cubes of 1 cm side. Break the eggs into the bowl that will contain ‘the dough: Add the pecorino and black pepper, beating all with a fork. Rest for half a minute to mo ‘lid of the pot into the bowl with egg, continuing to beat, to give creaminess to the mix
  2. Put in a pan to heat the pillow and let it fry in oil over low heat, so you * do * sweat as much as possible.
  3. Meanwhile cook the pasta and drain it, having care not to drain it completely and retaining a bit ‘of the cooking water. Then put in the bowl, add the cheese already grated and mix quickly. Combine the pillow and his gravy: mix yet, so do coagulate and – if necessary – add some ‘of the cooking water kept aside. If you like, then add grated cheese into the pot further. Enjoy this carbonara spaghetti recipe that you can cook using your pasta extruder!

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Accessory Necessities for Fall 2017

Sometimes the trends in fashion simply don’t suit every woman’s personal style. When that occurs, a lot of us don’t want to spend tons of money on items we know we won’t wear often, if at all. Still, we also don’t want to be so far off of the trend that we appear outdated and behind the times. When these kinds of situations arise, we can respond one of two ways.

A lot of women I know like myself, no longer work outside the home. Therefore, most of them rarely spend a lot of money on trendy fashion. Like me, they stick pretty close to the fashion basics in their garment choices and focus their purchases on great accessory pieces. For information on the current trends in jewelry, see my article “The Must Have Jewelry Pieces for Fall 2017.” This article will focus solely on “Accessory Necessities for Fall 2017.”

The overall trends for this fall include accessory items of leather and fur as well as urban warrior padded and quilted microfibers. Colors range from flashy metallics in buttery golds to deep bronzes and shimmering silvers in pewter and gunmetals; jewel tones of rich reds, blues and purples; earth tones and classic black. While there will be plenty of solids, there will also be lots of patterns. These will include tweeds, houndstooth, animal prints and geometric designs, including a return to color blocks. Hottest of all are patent leathers in both classic black and rich jewel tone colors.

Boots continue to be ultra hot with styles ranging from the shoe boot, often referred to as a “shootie;” slouch boots from just above the ankle to just below the knee; to smooth, sleek knee high boots. But the hottest boot of the season are lace ups. It might be a retro “grandma” design or a more updated knee-high style, but the focus is on the feminine lacing.

Those who want something totally new, will likely choose boots done in exotic leathers like snake, croc, or ostrich. Others might try a pair with feminine accents like bows, flowers or pleats. Uggs and similar fur boots also remain popular, so women who already have them are a step ahead of the rest. Boots this fall and winter will be worn with leggings and tights and also have jeans tucked inside. Even short boots will be worn with skirts. This fall, almost anything goes with regard to wearing fashion boots.

Shoes are going retro as well. The oxford look of the 50’s is back but in a brand new way. This time they are paired with stiletto or stacked heels, making them a perfect accessory for this fall’s hot pencil skirts and men’swear suits. Classic Mary Janes get an updated look as well. There will be tons of them in fabric, patent leather and more. The retooled design will feature high, stacked heels meant to make a big splash on the fashion scene, while also remaining feminine; an important part of this year’s fashion trend. Peep toe shoes continue into the fall, but are now updated in trendy tweeds, tartan plaids and stunning velvets. Styles range from the traditional high heel to the recently resurrected wedge.

One “must have” for every wardrobe is a pair of ballerina flats. The good news however, is that these classic shoes are now offered in more materials and designs than ever before. Women who aren’t sure what color to purchase should go for a neutral metallic in gold, silver, pewter, copper, bronze or gunmetal. For pizzazz think about choosing a pair of ruby slippers or another sequin color ranging from clear to deep blues, greens and purples. As always, ballerina flats will be available in various colors of velvet as well. They’ll also be done in denims, plaids, tweeds, wools and other fabrics as well. And many will feature jewels, bows, flowers, ruffles and other accents. There should be a pair of ballerinas to match any outfit and express every woman’s individual point of view.

Handbags like shoes, will be highly varied. The key to choosing a handbag this year is size. Most women will go either for an understated clutch or a big, slouchy satchel. But there will be plenty that will go for something in between. Handbags will come in various fabrics, from updated metallics to trendy tweeds, standard and exotic animal skins and patterns from floral to geometric designs. One of my least favorite trends is the urban warrior quilted look, but there will be plenty of women who will embrace it, I’m sure.

Belts are a super hot accessory this fall. In fact, a lot of women will layer belts to get a big, bold look. Belt designs will range from real and faux leathers to stretchy elastics. There will also be chain and bead belts, some with at least a touch of fur, and all kinds of other combinations. They’ll be thin, super wide, and everything in between.

Women will really polish their outfits this year. That means many will be searching for retro hats and gloves. Think about the femme fatales of Hollywood’s golden era with their elbow length gloves and feminine fedoras. But many hats will be far less structured, like newsboy toppers, slouch hats and French berets. With just a few carefully chosen accessories and/or jewelry pieces, any woman can take a fashion basic outfit and make it fit into this year’s hottest trends. All it takes is a little imagination and a few extra bucks. Here is a summary of the top accessory necessities:

Boots; from feminine “shootie” designs to trendy animal prints and lace-up designs.

How to Buy a Pair of Pointe Shoes?

Pointe shoe is a kind of a shoe which is worn by those dancers who are involved in ballet and Pointe work. These shoes are worn so that the dancers appear more weightless and can comfortably perform moves of ballet. These types of shoes are mostly worn by females and come in various colors, sizes and quality. If you are interested in buying a pair of Pointe shoes and are confused about how to go for it, then the following information will prove to be very useful for you:

The first step towards buying a pair of Pointe shoes is to take the permission of your dance teacher. This is important because Pointe shoes must only be bought if you are ready to take on to the dangers which are associated with this dance form and only your teacher can assess you on that. Many local dance shops sell these kinds of shoes and to buy a pair, you may need to contact them to ask whether they sell these kinds of shoes or not. If the local dance shops sell Pointe shoes, then you can take their address and visit them to choose a pair which fits you perfectly and is also of the color and style of your choice.

You must buy a pair of Pointe shoes from a local dance shop if this is your first purchase, but in case you have previously bought a pair then you can also shop online. While trying on the shoes, you must wear properly fitting ballet thighs because this will help you to see whether the shoes fit your perfectly or not.

One thing to keep in mind while buying Pointe shoes is that you must select the right pad for the shoes. Ask the seller or the salesperson to help you with that and select only those pads which properly support your feet and are cushioned enough.

Do not hesitate in trying on as many pairs of these shoes as you like because Pointe shoes are usually expensive and making a wrong choice might cost you dearly. You should even try out a few ballet moves in each of the shoes to check whether or not you are comfortable in them for a long period of time. Try to negotiate the price of these shoes confidently and without hesitation.

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